Profil picture of Ara Petrosyan

(c) Ara Petrosyan

Ara Petrosyan (born in 1976) is an Armenian artist based in Yerevan. With over 15 years of active artistic work, Ara’s practice focuses on the abstract, expressionist painting, which is often put and analysed in the context of social and political issues, such as civil activism. Petrosyan is one of the founders and current members of Artlabyerevan, which is a Yerevan-based political art group, created to support activist movements and social-engagement and stimulate the discussion about art and politics in Armenia. One of the most prominent contributions of the group is a show Resistance - an exhibition showing the events of March 1, 2008, when the Armenian society protests againts the results of unfair and non-free elections were met by violent reaction of authorities and persecutions and on March 1st by number of murders. The group was representing Armenia at the Venice Biennale 2019 with the exhibition Revolutionary sensorium. Petrosyan worked and exhibited in Armenia, Italy, Poland, Georgia and Germany. His works are being shown at the BWA Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok in Poland right now, as a part of a group show Fear.

Ara is one of the speakers of the 2nd digital Art Space Connect talk on 03 October 2020, together with Anna Kamay and Marie Le Sourd (On the Move).

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