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Asmer Abdullayeva - PhD, associate professor. Senior teacher, art critic,. Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts. Develop educational programs for expertise and restoration departments of History of Art faculty of Art Academy. Head of master diploma.

Founder and Owner of Asmart Creative Hub, It is an independent creative space for experience exchange, realization of joint projects and obtaining new knowledge and skills in the field of art. It is open to young artists, craftsmen, designers, specialists in art and for people who have a passion for art. Asmart Creative Hub is a Creative Hub to support and promote Cultural and Creative Industries in Azerbaijan.

The Director of Sabah groups (The project of the cooperation between Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan,The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts (London, GB), and Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts on a Joint Academic Art Programme) Coordinator of project. (Baku, Azerbaijan/ 2015 - 2020).

International and local expert in art and culture. Has a large number of articles and publications, the author of 4 books, an international trainer in the field of creative industries, cultural management. The author of various cultural and social projects.

Asmer is one of the speakers at the Art Space Connect conference on 06 and 07 November 2020

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