Artsakh Fest

Profil picture of Anna Kamay

(c) Julia Kochetova- Nabozhniak

Аnna Kamay - is a Yerevan / Armenia-based independent curator, cultural manager and producer, who organizes community-based art projects, with the goal of using public space and contemporary art to meet local needs. Kamay curated two major exhibits tackling the issues of Syrian refugees in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh - “The Newcomers: Syrians in Armenia” (2016) and “Home to Home” (2017). She is the founder of Artsakh Fest, the first international contemporary art festival in Nagorno Karabakh, aimed at healing the war trauma, overcoming the isolation of the conflict-ridden region and revitalising the abandoned theater building in Stepanakert which once used to be the community centre of the city. Currently she’s studying permaculture and working on establishing an experimental art residency for mothers in art, as a way for art workers to reconcile their artistic practice with motherhood.

Anna is one of the speakers of the 2nd digital Art Space Connect talk on 03 October 2020, together with Ara Petrosyan and Marie Le Sourd (On the Move) and she joins us again for the conference and workshop on 06 and 07 November 2020.

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